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Name: Wallace
Shnauzer cross
Date of Adoption:
17 July 2017
Regular Handler:
Marelize Brink
Background: Wallace was adopted from the S.P.C.A. when he was an 8 month old stray. He had tick fever and a bad ear infection. On top of that he was scared and uncertain of himself. It took a while for him to gain the confidence to greet guests without an embarrassing wet moment or to climb a flight of stairs. His black cat brother helped him with that and showed him how to walk like you rule the world.
Fun Fact:
Wallace doesn't eat a biscuit right away, instead he whines about the big dilemma of whether he should eat it now or hide it for later.
Name: Zack
Breed: Siberian Husky
Rescued: March 2011 (at approximately 2 years old)
Regular Handler: Lisa Fawkes
Background: I went to see him at the Kempton Park SPCA where he had been for 2 months after being picked up on the street and not claimed.  Spent a few days visiting him there and found we had a huge bond.
Fun Fact: He is not one for showing off, but is a gentle sole that is incredibly kind and loving.  He gets so excited spreading Smiles for Miles
Name: Zuri
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Date of Birth: 4 August 2013
Regular Handler:
Wendy Smyth
I waited two years for my tri colour girl who came from Cape Town. She is the gentlest soul and NEVER barks. She is in advanced level of obedience training which we attend every Saturday afternoon. Zuri has passed the KUSA bronze, silver and gold Good Canine Citizen Tests. She passed her Top Dog assessment in June 2014.
Fun Fact:
Zuri loves to chase Hadedas and runs like the wind to catch up to them. Quite a challenge when we do off lead training in the park.
Name: Zoey
Date of Birth:
16 August 2015
Regular Handler:
Heather Griffiths
We got the incredibly affectionate Zoey from a breeder at 10 weeks old as a companion for her Scottie brother.  They are the best of friends, even when Zoey is trying to herd her brother around the house.  She has her Silver Canine Good Citizen and is well on her way to gold.   Her "fluff bum" therapy dog mentor is Jinx and the two love to go on long walks together with their brothers.
Fun Fact:
Despite her little legs Zoey loves to swim and is an excellent swimmer.
Name: Xicci
Breed: Parsons Russell Terrier
Date of birth: 27 April 2009
Regular Handler: Valerie Riekert
Background: Xicci and Nikita (sisters) have enriched our lives ever since we brought them home as puppies in 2009.  Xicci’s pretty little face compliments her blasé, charming nature.  She is happiest when being paid attention to and being a TOP Dog, suits her perfectly.
Fun Fact: She loves being brushed.  When she is not busy convincing someone that she would like to be on your lap, she looks for a sunny spot for a quick nap or she might sway you to take her for a nice long walk where she could get an update on all the local news and include some of her own thoughts too.
Name: Zorro
Border Collie
Date of Birth:
2012, adopted 2014
Regular Handler: Lionel Jansen
Zorro is a high drive dog who loves people and will go to anyone for some love, he is known to  put his feet into someone’s  lap to give them a hug. This personality makes Zorro an ideal therapy dog.
Fun Fact: Zorro competes in  competitions at the highest level